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Dodge Index is a proof-of-concept technology designed to identify identities involved in illegally-gained proceeds.

you can run, but you can't dodge

Dodge Index allows you to enter an Instagram handle and a job description to calculate a "dodge index" for your Person of Interest. The underlying algorithm uses machine learning techniques to derive meaningful insights from job and social media data. If your POI has a high score, and you would like the authorities to keep an eye on them, you are invited to submit a report. This caches and keeps the suspicious data safe on a private blockchain, for potential future use.

We invite you to try out our website at the link below:

Android App Screens

Website Dashboard

We created a dashboard to view statistics and visualisations.

Behind The Scenes

We created our own custom APIs to store the last 50 images from Instagram as well as run object and text detection on the images to detect their content.

Upon a person being reported, their data is stored to a private blockchain, where it stays forever. (Gombak was used for this, thanks to the Reuters team).

Common Use Cases

There have been many recent cases of social media being used to track Persons of Interest in fraud cases.

Rich Kids Of Instagram Accounts Are Helping Police Convict Their Daddies Of Fraud

Holiday Posts on Instagram Are Tipping Off India’s Taxman

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Latest update: 2017-11-19
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