Mentors and Coaches

Mentors and coaches will be available to assist you with developing ideas and implementing your project.
Name How can I assist? Availability
Ashraf Faris Alias

I consider myself to be an experienced individual in Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing. I have had the pleasure to work as an investigator, intelligence officer, think-tanker and policy maker on matters related to ML/TF.

Will be available from 12.00 am 19 Nov to end of competition

Claude Colasante

Subject matter expert in FIU targeting and detection of ML/TF risk

Saturday and Sunday

Eskandar Shah

Financial analysis concerning money laundering offences particularly in areas such as tax evasion, smuggling, fraud as well subject matter expert for cross border movement of cash

Muhammad Hazrool

Tactical analysis on TF activities. Basic programming C+. Business need of FIUs.

Masya Zafira bt Supaat

Ive been with Bank Negara Malaysia for a total of 6 years, 5 and half years in investigation relating to money laundering. Currently in fiu, for profiling and analysis on financial transactions specifically on tax, terrorism financing, human trafficking and sea piracy.

From 8am till 12am

Mujahid Mohd Nor

I joined Bank Negara since June 2016 as an analyst in Financial Intelligence Unit. Currently I am doing tactical analysis on financial transactions. I have a background on economics, mathematics and statistics.

Wojtek Hejna

I am a senior software engineer at Thomson Reuters Labs, I am a tech lead of Blockone IQ project, I am here to help you with any Blockone IQ or general blockchain related technical doubts.

Saturday and Sunday

James Cross

A senior software engineer from Thomson Reuters, here to help with anything technical and especially Blockchain related queries.

Saturday and Sunday

Brian Giffney

I'm a Software Engineer in the Enterprise Analytics team at AUSTRAC. I can provide technical assistance with setting up your project such as building web applications or using cloud computing.

Saturday and Sunday

Craig Thomler

Chief Mentor

Saturday and Sunday